I’m very matter-of-fact and result-oriented, so I wasn’t sure if this basic seminar would be the right thing for me. Today I can say that I couldn’t have made a better decision. In the meanwhile I could recognise a lot of entrenched structures which got in the way of my actions again and again and also resolve them. It feels good! (AH)

In INTUITION FOR BEGINNERS you clear your access to your own intuition which is often blocked or impeded due to society, religion and family. With simple techniques that can easily be integrated into everyday life you learn how to perceive your intuition more clearly and use it more consciously.


  • Your own energetic system (aura, chakras, grounding)
  • The application of your own energy and the elements that control it in all key areas of life
  • The clear distinction between your own energy and that of others
  • Cleaning and letting go of alien energies
  • Grounding your own body and vitalising the whole energy system
  • Nurturing and caring for your own space, protecting your own space


Lecturers: Saskia Baardman // More information about Saskia >>>
Participation requirements: None
Category: Basic training

Timeframe: 11 modules of 2.5 hours each

Costs: 550 € net (plus VAT)


Energy work is particularly well-suited for web-based group work as the understanding of energetic spaces and realities can be experienced diectly via the web space without distractions. We practice the perception of our own energy system and experience its possibilities of liberal healing and change via guided visualisations, meditations and light trance work. Our online offers run on the platform ZOOM, the internationally best-rated vendor for web conferences. Installation and use are easy and we are always there in case of questions.


ONLINE — Intuition Einstieg (10 Module)

26. August 2021 bis 07. Mai 2022

1 Modul - Chakren 1 - 7 Fokus: Herzchakra
2 Modul - Erster Kontakt mit spiritueller Autonomie: siebtes Chakra
3 Modul - Hellsichtigkeit und Weltsicht: das dritte Auge / sechstes Chakra
4 Modul - Verantwortungsübernahme für den Seelenpfad: das fünfte Chakra
5 Modul - Weites Herz: Herzchakra II
6 Modul - Sicherheit im Körper finden: das erste Chakra
7 Modul - Gefühle, Emotionen und Bedürfnisse: Das zweite Chakra
8 Modul - Das bedingungslose "Ja" zu dir selbst, der freie Wille: das dritte Chakra
9 Modul - Deine Essenz: das achte Chakra
10 Modul - Ein erster Ausflug in die transpersonalen Chakren der neuen Zeit, die Chakren 9 - 12


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