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Welcome to the Institute for Intuitive Training, we’re glad you found your way here!

We’re currently expanding the accessibility of all our trainings to English-speaking folks like you! The transformation on all our platforms into fully international spaces is in the making, yet already now we’ve created some tasting events for you:

Online Mix-Events – Receive a Healing or Reading: Every 2nd Monday 8pm and every 2nd Wednesday 7pm

In the weekly open Mix-Events you have the opportunity to receive a healing or reading from one of our students. The event is hosted and supervised by one of our trainers. Here’s as well space to learn more about our different methods! This event is free of charge.

To book your space just click on the Monday’s or Wednesday’s Event in our calendar.

You’d love to know whether our method is as well for you and would love to experience the tools of the IFI Quest? Welcome to our Info-Events & Tasting Workshops!


Learn more about our method and the basic training CLAIRVOYANT BASISCS I at our Info Events with founder and director Alexandra Sorgenicht.

Prior to every Info Event there is an open Mix-Event that gives you the opportunity to experience our methods healing and reading directly (pls note the registration works separately).

Register for the Info Event & the Mix Event through our calender!


Online Workshop with Jana Winterhalter

Friday 7th of April 7-9:30pm CEST & Sat 8th of April 10am-3pm CEST (8-10:30 pm EAT & 8th of April 11am-4pm EAT)

In this workshop you are warmly invited to face the manipulative energy of procrastination and let go of what has given you supposed security in holding this energy. You will confront the levels within you that have been creating comfort zones for you and thus preventing your growth, your soul comfort and your step into action. You get the opportunity to decide once again FOR yourself and your life creation and activate the connection to your primordial creative power, which is always there, true and unstoppable.

Get more information here…


Can be booked separately and as a package:

Tasting Workshop #1
Inner Safety for Beginners (Thu 23rd of Feb 7-9pm):
An exploration of your habits of how you’re creating safety in the in and outside for yourself and a door-opener to your intuitive possibilities to remember your unconditioned way of finding inner stability

Tasting Workshop #2
Healing Powers for Beginners (17th of March 7-9pm):
A playful exploration of your intuitive competences on how to move energies and release what doesn’t support you


We’re glad to announce the launch of our 1st English-speaking Basic Training CLAIRVOYANT Basics I & II

Start: 1st of June

In this 4-months programme you’re journeying through the basics of clairvoyant perception and intuitive energy work. This training is the door-opener to all our training programmes like Healing, Reading & Hands on Healing.

Trainer: Jana Winterhalter


We’re offering regular free English Earthhealing- and Peace-Meditations to our community of students. Here’s our gift for you:


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Zu Weihnachten und in der Zeit der Rauhnächte vom 24.12.22 – 06.01.23

  • 13 Live Channelings zum Göttinnenzyklus


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  • Retreat | Weites Herz


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  • Audio | Dein intuitiver erste Hilfe Koffer


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  • Audio | Chakren Advanced


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  • Audio | Geistige Welt


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  • Audio | Göttinnenzyklus


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  • Emotional Release | Von und mit Alexandra Sorgenicht


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  • Audio Reihe für Frauen | Lilith Series – von und mit Alexandra Sorgenicht


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  • Intensivtraining | Emphat(isch): Klar, sicher und frei!


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