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Making peace with your light!

You’re invited to a journey into your own humanity. Make Peace with yourself, make Peace with your Light!

We do not only need peace in places where it is war right now. It always starts with ourselves, with our little inner wars, which feed the bigger ones.

I invite you to make peace with yourself. Welcome

Do most meditations feel like hard work for low results for you? Do you find them mostly difficult to access or even complicated? Are you finding yourself questioning again and again whether “you are there yet”?

We feel you. Many meditation practices give a constant guideline on how you should feel, perceive, heal – regardless of everyone’s uniqueness.

So what do we practice instead?

The power of imagination is the golden key for us. Energies are images that define us as long as we believe in them, and as long as we hold them.

Visualization means creating energies and thus new possible realities on a soul level.

On that level, you are also able to get rid of old, draining, “pictures” that hold stuck energy, which is no longer serving your soul path.

In visualization, there is no impossibility, no limits, no right or wrong – only your pure power of creation in conscious self-power.

And what is extra beautiful:
Visualizations also help our mind to “understand” what these images are about, what they mean to you and only you, and where they have their roots.

Images are the language of the soul and a door opener for our cognition.


Try it out directly! In this guided visualization you can find out where your “images” about your shadows and lights are blocking you, you can identify them, accept them and bring them into motion. This gives you freedom. And is thus an offer of freedom to the world, just like that.


So, try it for free with this wonderful and super effective peace “meditation”

Du möchtest jetzt Antworten auf deine Fragen?


I founded the Institute for Intuition Training in 2005 and since then have supported hundreds of people in finding their very own path to their individual highest self, and above all: to walk it.

I stand for the free experience of a self-determined spirituality that is naturally integrated into everyday human life.

I am a founder, entrepreneur, organizer, filmmaker, author, spiritual scientist, trainer, channel medium and spiritual teacher.

Who else am I? I love digging in the earth, watching my plants germinate and grow up. I love the ocean and all its creatures. HERE you can watch my 5 part docuSeries WOMEN AND OCEANS on Netflix.

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What people say?

In the IFI I can learn methods, yes. But much more decisive: in the IFI I become me. More and more and more decisively. Like a gentle revolution. Suddenly I am penetrating areas that I have not come close to reaching with self-analysis. I know about my structures. About my patterns, imprints and injuries. Now I can move them. Make change possible. I learn a different approach to my knowledge. This is sometimes exhilaratingly beautiful and sometimes exhaustingly hard. In one year of IFI I am more me than ever before.
P. Flocke
"The strength of the Institute is the invitation to come to your true greatness, in gentleness, connectedness and power, it invites you to stand up for what you believe in, despite the opposing forces that will always exist.“
Saskia Baardman
Writer, Energy Worker and Coach

make peace with yourself. Welcome!