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Workshop “The Art of Starting”, English




Friday 7th of April 7-9:30pm CEST & Sat 8th of April 10am-3pm CEST
(8-10:30 pm EAT & 8th of April 11am-4pm EAT)

TRAINER: Jana Winterhalter

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”John F. Kennedy

Deep down you know you are a divine creating being? You have a clear feeling or vision of the next creation on your soul path? But all the knowing seems to be of no help, because: YOU JUST DON’T START?!

HELLO! Postponing, pushing away, taking out of focus – procrastination is familiar to many of us, and has nothing to do with laziness.

Do you know that voice that makes you think that not starting is the supposed protection not to rush, to take everything slowly and not to act rashly or even unreasonably? Or do you know this anger and devaluation towards yourself when you see yourself not choosing YOUR life creation day after day?
In truth, you are confronted with a manipulative and highly effective energy that keeps us collectively in the comfort zone, a brake that prevents growth and keeps you from stepping into your unconditional self-efficacy and autonomy.


What if you could overcome the fear, the doubt that separates you from being director of your life? What patterns would you have to let go of in order to take the sceptre back in your hands and not only feel divine, but act divine, with your unstoppable power to create your truly autonomous life?
What if you ran out of excuses because you no longer allowed any?
What if you could be a pioneer for a world that takes uncompromising self-responsibility?


In this workshop you are warmly invited to face the manipulative energy of procrastination and let go of what has given you supposed security in holding this energy. You will confront the levels within you that have been creating comfort zones for you and thus preventing your growth, your soul comfort and your step into action. You get the opportunity to decide once again FOR yourself and your life creation and activate the connection to your primordial creative power, which is always there, true and unstoppable.

“Where nothing begins, nothing can grow.”
Jana Winterhalter

Take Heart, get started and sign up!
I look forward to seeing you there!

We want to make sure we make this experience accessible for everyone. We do have an adjusted pricing systems for our students from East Africa. If you’re interested, kindly send us an email to: and we’ll work it out for you!

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