Hey human, you’re body, you’re energy – remember.

Hey human, you’re body, you’re energy – remember.

Here is your meditation visualization “Make peace with your light”

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Hey human, you’re body, you’re energy – remember.

What are you longing for? Our Energy work method goes far beyond the possibility of cognitive analysis. In this space you get the opportunity to remember your longing and to set up your own energetic space all by yourself in such a way that you can invite what you long for into your life.

Trust yourself, follow your intuition!

These 10 modules will empower you to explore your energy system, your unique connection to the earth, the cosmos and the world. You’ll be reminded on your spiritual powers to move and transform energy that doesn’t support you anymore and create unconditional freedom in the 8 energy fields in and outside your body (chakra system).

This training helps you find your unique way of creating safety, freedom and connection in and around you: for you´re body – and you’re much more than that!

Want to find out what that’s for you?

Module 1 – Chakras 1 – 7 Focus: Heart Chakra

Module 2 – First contact with your spiritual autonomy: seventh chakra

Module 3 – Clairvoyance and world vision: the third eye / sixth chakra

Module 4 – Taking responsibility for the soul path: the fifth chakra

Module 5 – Wide heart: heart chakra II

Module 6 – Finding safety in the body: the first chakra

Module 7 – Feelings, emotions and needs: the second chakra

Module 8 – The unconditional “yes” to yourself, free will: the third chakra

Module 9 – Your essence: the eighth chakra

Module 10 – A first excursion into the transpersonal chakras of the new age, chakras 9 – 12


Hey human, longing for freedom? Longing for connection? YES: you can have them BOTH!

This programme is all about how your system reacts to external influences. You learn to recognise old and blocking patterns and how to transform them into freedom. Also the basic themes of energy work from BASICS I are deepened and stabilised.

Ready for connection in freedom?

Module 1 – Contact with the Divine (within you)

Module 2 – Communication channels – free communication

Module 3 – Clarifying energetic connection cords

Module 4 – Connecting to the spiritual world

Module 5 – Inner Evolution / Heart and Growth

Module 6 – Past lives and karma clearing

Module 7 – Go with the flow – your life energy

Module 8 – Astral Body/ Astral Worlds/ Astral Journeys

Module 9 – Living unconditional love

Module 10 – First contact with the (self-) healing power


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Alexandra Sorgenicht & the entire IFI Team


Intuitionstrainerin, Energiearbeiterin, Gründerin, Unternehmerin, Autorin und Filmemacherin.

Ich habe mich immer in der Bewegung wohl gefühlt. In mir. Am Meer. In Zügen, in Flugzeugen, auf dem Rad, im Sturm, im Regen…

Am meisten aber immer am, im und auf dem Ozean. Der Ozean war und ist ein zu Hause für mich. Ein zu Hause außerhalb von mir. Davon habe ich noch ein paar – seitdem ich sie erkennen und zulassen kann.

Welche Orte der Erde, welche Zustände – überhaupt was! – vermittelt dir ein Gefühl von “zu Hause”, außerhalb des zu Hauses in dir Selbst?